Dunmålas Gärda 3 male puppies borne 2017-03-07


3 Puppies borne by Dunmålas Gärda (above) HD: A Eyes: OK. As a puppy Gärda won BOS at Swedens largest Puppyshow in Malmö 2014. Gärda was shown with CK at the breed specialist Show 2015, at Tånga Hed. Gärda also made a brilliant MH-test  2015 (mental test for working dogs). Gärda is a highly intelligent female with high working ability, and also the queen on our farm. The puppies are expected to be good-looking, healthy and with high working ability.

The Puppies are raised by us with care in our home, who has experience in breeding quality dogs since 1996.

Everotts Ragnar Runsten 11 weeks.

Everotts Ragnar Rusten 10 weeks

Everotts Ragnar Runsten after his first bath in the nordic sea

Everotts Ragnar Runsten playing with his mother Gärda

Everotts Ragnar Runsten 10 weeks

Everotts Rutger Runsten 9 1/2 weeks

Everotts Rudolf Runsten 9 1/2 weeks

Everotts Ragnar Runsten 9 1/2 weeks

Boys in the lovely beech woods.

Everotts Rudolf Runsten &
Everotts Rutger Runsten 9 weeks.

Everotts Ragnar Runsten

Everotts Rudolf Runsten 6 weeks

Everotts Ragnar Runsten

Everotts Rutger Runsten & Dunmålas Gärda

Everotts Ragnar Runsten 6 weeks

Catwalk! Boys 5 1/2 weeks

After walk..

Dining with that Cat

Puppy boys 11 days old

Everotts  Swedish Vallhund puppies!

EVEROTTS Ragnar Runsten 1 week old

Everotts Ragnar Runsten After Fridaynight dinner..

Father: Vargaviddernas Ike Loverboy

Mother: Dunmålas Gärda

Father: SUCH Vargaviddernas Ike Loverboy HD C Öga: ua.


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